Jewelry Care

How to Care for your Handmade Jewelry

  • Sterling silver can be stored in an anti-tarnish bag or zip-top poly bag.
  • Other pieces can be stored in a pouch or the box it came in.
  • Never toss your lovely jewelry in a drawer or on a countertop - this may scratch or damage soft metals and gemstones.
  • A safety nut on your earrings can prevent loss.
  • Jewelry should be removed before swimming, working out (sweating) and using household cleaners. 
  • Avoid spraying perfume or rubbing lotion on your jewelry.
  • Stretch bracelets should be rolled onto your wrist rather than stretched.
  • Take care when pulling a sweater on/off over your jewelry, so as not to catch it in the fabric.
  • Try to avoid extreme heat or light which may fade or damage some gems.

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