Short Story of Why I Started Novaura Jewelry

By Laura Novak-Roesgen

Ready for story time, friends? I don’t talk about this often, but the reason why I started Novaura Jewelry is what keeps me going through the tough times. So, gather round my jewelry bench.

After we closed Novak Electronics, it took me a couple years to get over the feeling of failure that we couldn't keep our family business going any longer. I felt we let our loyal customers and employees down 😒

Then I realized that my sister Linda, our parents Bob & Joan, and I built & grew a great family business for 38 years, made products that brought enjoyment to many R/C car racers 🏁 , and provided income for nearly 100 people and their families- mine included. That was a success-- NOT a failure!

Do I desperately wish that I could be in business with Linda & our parents again? YES πŸ’œ I am grateful knowing that Linda was very supportive of this dream of mine to create jewelry, and her wisdom from my memories guides me every day. My parents love to help & support me at my markets.

So after we closed our company, I decided it was high time for me to turn my passion for style and design excellence into a business of my own – Novaura Jewelry.Β 

To honor my family, I named my new company Novaura Jewelry. In some small way, I feel that the legacy of our family business continues.