I πŸ’— Boutiquing! Shopping for your Everyday Elegance

By Laura Novak-Roesgen

Enjoying another fabulous day of boutiquing! Probably my favorite part of having a family business.... is well, spending time with family!

3 generations of Novak women- Grandma Joanie, Jessica, and Moi sharing a wonderful day together! Plus, the memory of our lovely Linda πŸ¦‹ -- keeping her near to our hearts and hearing her whispers of wisdom & business advice!

My "fun-employed" husband, Richard is my Logistics Manager and does most of the heavy lifting as well as tries his best to keep me organized! He is a master organizer and my biggest fan in all my endeavors-- whether it is triathlon, 1/2 marathons, or boutiquing, and I couldn't do this without his love and support! πŸ’—

Special shoutouts to my dear friend Liz Cruz and my sister-in-law Nancy Brodsky & her husband Joel for stopping by to say hello! It warms my heart that friends & family indulge me in this new chapter of my life 😊 !


Credit goes to Jessica Roesgen for creating the Instagram Reel used in the video link!