5 Ways to Sneak in Self-Care

By Laura Novak-Roesgen

– to cultivate peace & quiet joy in your hectic day

1 - In the mood for the quiet of nature?

Experience the soothing whistle of the wind thru the trees or the music of waves cashing at the shore. My happy place is the beach at dusk. The shimmer of the sunlight on the water, the fresh salt air, and the music of the crashing waves brings me peace and is good for my soul.

2 - A coffee or happy hour date with a girlfriend.

I really believe that it is incredibly important for one’s health & wellbeing to nurture close female relationships.  Reach out to a friend you haven’t seen in a couple months or more, and make a date. She may need the friend time as much as you.

3 - Find a quiet space in your home to relax.

For me it is a chair in my living room. I placed a candle on the side table that is ready to light, and I have a small ottoman tucked under the coffee table. So everything is ready to spend a moment to refresh & quiet my mind. 

Beautiful candle light

4 - A bubble bath! Baths are not just for our kiddos.

As a triathlete & runner, bubble baths are a treat after a long run - like today after a 1/2 Marathon race. Along with a massage, the Epsom salts in my bubble bath help in my recovery to soothe achy muscles. I also light a candle from my favorite small batch candle company-- Never Alone Candles. The scent and clean burn of this indie candle maker, increases the relaxation effect of the hot water in the bath. 

5 - This one my husband teases me about.....

I often will sit alone in my car when I get home.  It is a small quiet space without distraction. Plus, the lingering warmth of my seat heaters feel so good on my tired legs after a long run.  Or maybe, it is thinking about all the stuff I have to haul out of may car after being at the office, the gym, or on a bike ride with my friends– probably a combination of all the above.